Inger Margaret Foster


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Inger and her family immigrated to the United States in the early 1960’s. Growing up in the quiet suburban town of Ramsey, New Jersey, she attended Ramsey High School, where she developed her love for both writing and art. Later on, as an art major at William Paterson University, she eventually earned her Masters in Visual Arts, with concentrations in English and Education. Inger was a classroom teacher/substitute teacher for thirty years before retiring. Now a grandmother, Inger is married and living in New England.

Story telling was a passion of Inger’s throughout most of her life. Essays became short stories, and the short stories eventually evolved into her first novel, The Final Canoe Ride. The sequel, Split Soul came next, and then the prequel, Elke’s Magic was published. By weaving back and forth she then created what would become an eight book series, all geared towards general audience. Falling under the realm of Magical Realism, each book has a touch of fantasy and a bit of magic. And all books are about healing, losing and finding, and most importantly, about love. Now that Connections is published, “The Circles of the Soul” series is complete.

In order to achieve the look of a book within a book, Inger collaborated with an artist, Cathlyn A. Driscoll to create The Rule Of Thirds and Back In The Before. In the process, they also decided to publish the ‘books within’ as two separate books for children: Happy Again and Timmy And The Unicorn.

Inger is currently working on a novella entitled Behind The Wall. The story exists outside the series, but illuminates the storyline of Elke Becker and her family, living on both sides of the Berlin Wall in the 1970s.

Special note: The screenplay of Elke’s Magic, by Daina Ann Smith, is currently in development with the beautiful, talented actress Amber Marshall taking the lead in the film! Please head to the Elke’s Magic page for more details!

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