The Gift of Healing

A peek into the inspiration for the novel, Elke’s Magic

We live on top of a hill, surrounded by woods. Countless wild animals pass through, en route from the stream and ponds below to the sanctity of the forest. We have been visited by deer, fox, raccoons, possums, groundhogs, rabbits, coyotes and on the rare occasion even a bear! The same pair of mallards arrives every spring to lay eggs, and a red tailed hawk flies overhead daily. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment around here!

Arriving at my front door late one afternoon, I looked out into our backyard, and noticed a doe nursing her newborn fawn. She was only about a hundred feet away. As soon as she had spotted me, our eyes locked. We had bonded, the deer and I. Knowing that she and her baby were welcome and safe at our home, she continued feeding her little one until it had finished its meal. And then they both bounded back over the stone wall into the woods once more.

All day I had been struggling with a way to open my first Young Adult Novel. Elke, the main character, is a healer who can mysteriously bring about curative powers simply through her touch. I had already written most of the book already, but I needed a way to introduce Elke, and to subsequently introduce readers to the world in which Elke lived.

Unbeknownst to them, the deer and her fawn had just given me inspiration. And so, the first chapter of Elke’s Magic opens with a doe seeking help. Injured, she heads to Elke for her magical healing touch. After Elke offers therapeutic assistance, the deer leaps back into the woods. Turning back for a moment, the deer looks Elke directly in the eye before disappearing into the trees.

We are all capable of being a healer like Elke. Maybe less effectively than the fictional character, but we can all provide that necessary hug, offer encouraging words, extend our deepest sympathy or give a warm and loving smile.

Sometimes that is all it takes to bring about the gift of healing.

Published by ingerfoster

I am an author of the eight book series, The Circles of the Soul and two children's books, Happy Again and Timmy And The Unicorn. The first book in the series, Elke's Magic, is now adapted into a screenplay by Daina Ann Smith, and is waiting for the next steps towards development.

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